Better Menu Widget Changelog

1.5 9/1/2015

Added ability for multiple CSS classes. Thanks to Joe Buckle.

1.4.1 7/15/2015

Change constructor style to PHP5.

Improve code comments.

Tested against WordPress 4.2.2.

1.4 7/8/2014

Security enhancements. Allow only valid characters for html class.

Update plugin URL.

Reminder: always backup your site before you update any plugin.

1.3 6/19/2014

Security enhancements.

1.2  1/21/2014

Internationalize plugin.

Add developer credits.

1.1  8/6/2013

Important Change! Read before you update.

The widget class was changed from “menu-widget” to “better-menu-widget” to avoid class name conflicts. This will cause any widgets you have to disappear so you’ll need to add them again. You may also need to update your style sheets.

1.0  3/7/2013

Initial public release.